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We bring to the world frequencies that generate emotions

Our synthesizers are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so that anyone can create their own unique sound. We strive to develop products that inspire creativity, encourage exploration and allow our users to express themselves musically.

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Our goal is to provide musicians and artist with the best devices and tools to express themselves and create unique sounds

Our synthesizers are not only powerful and versatile, but also intuitive and inspiring. We endeavor to push the boundaries of what technology, creativity and culture can do to create incredible soundscapes and musical experiences.


Inspiring producers, musicians, DJs,and music lovers.

With our soundscapes, we aim to conjure something new, something transcendent – sonorous spaces to expand the mind.

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Richie Hawtin


Mason Collective


Sebastien Leger


The Sound of Satisfaction

At our startup, we pride ourselves on creating synthesizers that are both easy to use and deliver incredible sound quality. See what our customers have to say about the satisfaction they get from our products.

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"Echoes of Innovation"

My journey with ZanySignals has been wholly rewarding. Every interaction with diverse modules always unveils a novel sonic revelation that astounds.

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"Beyond Frequencies"

My foray with ZanySignals has been exceedingly fruitful. I possess a Case, a power supply for 24 modules, and 4 modules. Each module, from DOSC with its oscillators to Repeater with its multis, offers a rich sonic experience.

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"The Eurorack Epiphany

Personally, it's a sublime experience interacting with my ZanySignals Eurorack. It offers the capability to meticulously control every frequency from scratch, experiment with waveforms, and indulge in prolonged sessions of sound exploration, drawing parallels with renowned synthesizers or seeking sonic hues akin to artists I revere.

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"Colombian Resonance"

I boast a modular system constituted by approximately 80-85% of ZanySignals' modules. I utilize a Case with a power source from Zany as well. I am thoroughly contented with their performance, aesthetics, and most prominently, sound.

Don Elvis
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"A Synthesis Odyssey"

Engaging with ZanySignals' modules has been a profound journey. The accessibility to the realm of modular synthesis in the Latin American context has never been so seamless.

Shalom B.
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"Sonic Alchemy"

ZanySignals products exude supreme quality. They seamlessly enrich our sonic creations. Versatility meets artistic perfection. Redefine the boundaries of innovative sound design.

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"Harmonizing Technology & Art"

ZanySignals' offerings epitomize premium quality paired with affordability, especially when juxtaposed against other brands. In my view, they serve a dual purpose – fostering music creation in studios and facilitating live sessions.

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"Sound's Identity Sculptor

My engagement with ZanySignals' products has been overwhelmingly positive. They paved the way for a profound understanding of modular systems and synthesis types.

Stuck Frequency.